Business Security apps for Android

Android apps designed to help you boost security of your business operations. Encrypt phone calls, emails, secure your online documents and files.
NPAV Total Mobile Security App

NPAV Total Mobile Security

NPAV Mobile Total Security Software for the Android Mobiles
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에스원 모바일카드 App

에스원 모바일카드

Mobile card is the card security applications available / accessible procedure of plastic cards.
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Zoho One - The Business Suite App

Zoho One - The Business Suite

Zoho One is a comprehensive suite of business applications. This platform has centralized administrative control from o...
Business, administration, email, security

Handshake: your word is code App

Handshake: your word is code

Handshake is an app that transcribes commitment into code and puts promises on the blockchain. This creates an eternal, ...
blockchain, security, contracts, sign

Notarize App


Operational 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Average wait time is less than one minute. Upload a document, prove you...
documents, security, notary

Secure Folder App

Secure Folder

This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android 7.0 and above. Secure Folder leverages the defence-grade Samsu...
Business, security, documents, share, team

Wire • Secure Messenger App

Wire • Secure Messenger

Wire secures your business and personal chats, files and calls with end-to-end encryption. All data is protected by Euro...
Business, communication, security, calls, chats

pDoc Signer App

pDoc Signer

pDoc Signer is an app for securely signing and form field filling PDF documents on an Android tablet. Documents signed a...
documents, security, PDF

NordVPN - Fast & Secure VPN App

NordVPN - Fast & Secure VPN

Enjoy fast, safe and private Internet access with the world’s most advanced VPN. NordVPN allows you connect to more tha...
Tools, internet, vpn, security

Mattermost App


Supports Mattermost servers v3.8+ Mattermost is secure workplace messaging from behind your firewall. - Discuss topics...
communication, security, team, private

Wickr Pro App

Wickr Pro

WICKR Pro enables teams and organizations to effectively collaborate in a secure environment built with the world’s most...
team, communication, security, collaboration

Amazon Chime App

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a new communications service that transforms meetings with a secure, easy-to-use application that you ca...
meeting, communication, team, security

AirWatch Inbox App

AirWatch Inbox

AirWatch® Inbox for Android is a secure, containerized email client that provides complete separation of enterprise and ...
email.communication, security

ID Theft Defense App

ID Theft Defense

As a member of ID Theft Defense, your subscription benefits are at your fingertips with the ID Theft Defense app. ID The...
Business, security, identity

CensorNet App App

CensorNet App

The CensorNet App is for CensorNet Multi-Factor authentication / SMS PASSCODE® users only. CensorNet MFA users can optio...
Business, security, authentication

MoTel Pro (Anti-wiretapping) App

MoTel Pro (Anti-wiretapping)

What if your boyfriend or girl friend is listening to your conversation on the phone? What if your rival is listening to...
Business, security, phone

Microsoft Authenticator App

Microsoft Authenticator

Introducing the updated Microsoft Authenticator! One app to quickly and securely verify your identity online, for all of...
Business, security

QuadRooter Scanner App

QuadRooter Scanner

The Check Point QuadRooter Scanner analyzes your Android smartphone or tablet to discover if it’s vulnerable to the newl...
Business, security

Voltage SecureMail App

Voltage SecureMail

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who has received Voltage encrypted email can use this application to read. Composing and sending ...
email, security

Rescue + Mobile for Android App

Rescue + Mobile for Android

*ONLY DOWNLOAD IF DIRECTED TO DO SO BY A SUPPORT TECHNICIAN YOU TRUST* The Rescue + Mobile applet for Android allows sup...
security, business, remote, online

TrustCall App


TrustCall 5.0 – Secure Calls and Text Messaging Secure your phone calls and text messages on Android, iPhone and BlackBe...
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