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POS Print Description:

POS Print is a Bluetooth point-of-sale printing solution for the Android™ platform.


1. You have an app that you know supports POS Print, e.g. Taximeter by Planet Coops.


2. You are a developer adding support for POS Print to your own application.


Why tie your projects to one printer?

The goal of POS Print is to provide a WOPA (Write Once Print Anywhere) mobile, point-of-sale printing solution. POS Print prints documents, written in a simple ‘HTML like’ language, to a variety of popular Bluetooth mobile printers. The language supports images, bar codes and formatted text, e.g. bold, underline, rotated. The aim is to expand the list of supported printers and features as time and printer technology move forward.

POS Print currently supports Western European/US Latin alphabets for the following printers:

•  Citizen CMP-10
•  Citizen CMP-20
•  Citizen CMP-30
•  Intermec PR2
•  Intermec PR3
•  Zebra MZ220
•  Zebra MZ320
•  Epson Mobilink TM-P60
•  ZJiang ZJ-5802LD (POS-5802)
•  ZJiang ZJ-8001LD (POS-8001)
•  HTML e-mail printer (Email)
•  Generic line printer (Text - limited support see guide)

See the user guide, Link: http://www.planetcoops.com/apps/pos-print/posprint.pdf, for more information and FAQs.

See POSPrintExamples.zip, Link: http://www.planetcoops.com/apps/pos-print/POSPrintExamples.zip, for an example project.

POS Print Business app for Android Preview 1
POS Print Business app for Android Preview 2
POS Print Business app for Android Preview 3

POS Print Require:

Require Android 2.1 and up

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