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Invoice & Estimate generator Description:

SpeedInvoice is an app with a web service so you can invoice from your phone, tablet or computer. You have the benefit of working with your colleagues, creating invoices or quotes together, seamlessly sharing any new activity with all users in your company.
SpeedInvoice is free to try for a month. After the trial you need a subscription that cost $2.99 per month. If you have any issues you are welcome to contact which operates 7 days a week. We have a team of developers and support personnel that are here to help you with any issue you might have.
Your invoices form part of your bookkeeping and as such you need to be aware of your legal responsibility. SpeedInvoice meets stringent demands as your data is securely stored and regularly backed up. If your phone breaks or is lost or stolen, your data will be available to you when you download the SpeedInvoice app again. If you need a printed record, you easily print your invoices from our web service. SpeedInvoice also handles multiple Sales Tax rates and summarises sales for each rate, a requirement in many countries. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your invoices. Your invoicing must meet all legal requirements in your market, so if you have any concerns or questions please let us know.
SpeedInvoice is very quick. Your invoicing and estimating gets done in less than a minute. By creating a professional estimate with photos and attachments on the spot, your company will win more business.
• If you are offline you can create an invoice and look at your records, once online everything will be synchronised and the invoice can be emailed
• Add photos and choose if you want to share with your customer. Photos are a great asset when you invoice or estimate.
• Add documents such as contractual terms, drawings, project plans or reference documents in formats such as Word, Excel and PDF's to any invoice or quote
• Import and export with Excel
• Set language to be used on invoices and estimates for each customer
• You can automatically add the users name and date to an item when billing, great if you are a contractor selling your time
• Send copy of any invoice or quote to your company email address
• Multicurrency and multilingual (over 30 languages)
• Quick conversion of estimates or job quotes to invoices or bills
• Discount per customer or item with markup on material and fully flexible pricing
• Sales Tax handling can be enabled/disabled for all of SpeedInvoice or for an individual invoice or estimate
• Multiple Sales Tax rates for items with a summary for each Sales Tax rate used
• Add your logo to your invoice and estimate
• You can change the number series on all documents
• PDF invoice generator
• Full payment functionality including pre- and part payments and credits.
• Print from your PC, Mac or from Android Cloud print
• All of your data is automatically securely stored on our cloud servers
• Our support is open 7 days a week. Our support team has built Speed Invoice and as such you can rest assured you get the help you need. We will help you get your invoices created and legally compliant.

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Invoice & Estimate generator Require:

Require Android 4.1 and up

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